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Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover: Review

Apple's clever Smart Cover is a great design with some thoughtful touches and materials, but does it work and should you buy it? Here we take a very detailed look at the cover and its features.\r
Buy: http://amzn.to/s81rxv\r
Apple Link: http://www.apple.com/ipad/smart-cover/\r
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Gabe O : Does not work with 2018 iPad Pro
Gabe O : Anyone in 2020?
Giovanni Serrato : At first I was a little nervous and even skeptical. JustU.Faith/i-Pad I thoroughly read through all the reviews before I decided to take a leap of faith. I needed the iPad for school. I didn’t have extra money to spend if this didn’t work out. Well I am so glad to say it worked out amazingly! It arrived very well packaged ( not original apple packaging).
Khristian Partoza : this is the smart cover back then, right now the smart cover has keyboard
Carolina Rovai : I have got but fake in the 2019
OxDEADBEEF : I had one, it scratched the shit out of my ipad
Putt-Putt : It was perfect to watch movies with.
Sweeties Squad : I found this really helpful I subscribed
Moo Moo Puppy : Crap, I bought a cover for less than $10. Now I know I bought the wrong thing, and not the case.
Saja 1990 : Nice reviw

iPad 2 Smart Cover

Apple CEO Steve Jobs shows off a new, bendable, magnetic case specifically designed for the iPad 2 and called the Smart Cover.\r
Live Link:\r
Amirtaraj R : Did Youtube's magical algorithm bring u have?
str4wb3ry : woah
Simple Tech Man : I feel sad that the older gadgets like the ipad 2 are almost unusabe today. I made this video on the best ways to use our old devices. Let me know what you think about it. Thanks.
Ayan Naved : 2:10 WHAT ARE THOSE!!!!!!
Grant Kennedy : WHAT ARE THOSE!!!
Harry : I have an iPad Air 2
EmperorChiCheung : iPad 2 with the Smart Cover is the best Apple product ever!
Mujik Aghazada : Lol i still have the iPad 2 xD
Suvir Sinha : What is with the camera on his shoes at 2:09?

뉴아이패드 vs 아이패드2 스마트커버 호환성 테스트 / new ipad vs ipad2 smartCover

뉴아이패드 vs 아이패드2 스마트커버 호환성 테스트 / new ipad vs ipad2 smartCover test




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