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Comotomo Baby Bottles: 5 Things To Know

Looking for a review of Comotomo baby bottles? Here are just a few of the features that What to Expect community moms love about these soft silicone bottles from Comotomo. Share if these are your go-to baby bottles!
Andrew Gutierrez : Can you microwave these before feeding?
sophia j.a : I swear comotomo is the worst for my child she hates it the flow is so slow
Genesis Taveras : Do I have to sterilize every use?
Deanna Tangen : can these bottles be put in a sterilizer
Lavondre Van Eden : Doing a lot of research on these... heard they are best for breastfed to bottle baby
Lindsey Pindsey : Folks, please don't wash your baby's bottles with a filthy bacteria-laden sponge. Gross.
Natasha Letourneau : I’m having my 2nd baby this September & they have come a LOOOONG way from when I had my daughter 13 years ago!!!
(I had her at 20)
I’m excited to try these bottles!
Anabel Vargas : I just buy one for my baby. I love dr. Browns but to messy and to much time to prepare a bottle and too much work for cleaning. I hope this work for my baby and work for colic too .
madavie2010 : I was watching to see if they are anti-colic, this was perfect.
yesenia fuentes : Why it get yellow after uses.?

Comotomo vs. Tommee Tippee Bottle Review | Bottles for Breastfed Babies

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be reviewing two baby bottles- Comotomo \u0026 Tommee Tippee. Both are made for babies who are breastfed to mimic the experience of breastfeeding. We actually love them both, but there is one that I recommend more than the other in terms of value \u0026 function.

I N S T A G R A M:

F A C E B O O K:

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Comotomo 5oz. Green:
Comotomo 8oz. Pink:
Tommee Tippee 9oz. 6 Count:
Tommee Tippee 9oz. 2 Count:
Bottle Warmer We Use:

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Carolina : Unrelated but I love your ring!! Where was it bought??
Glammed by Natalia : Does the tommee numbers wear off? Also please tell if the tommee ring fits como tomo?
Lauren Fremouw : Tomme Tippie is the best love Leny Fremouw
Lavondre Van Eden : Heard the ct bottle is te best... but it's so expensive lol...but I can't deal daddy must do his part too
FoxfireGreen : Great video! I have a question, since I couldn't find it anywhere - I notice the tips of the nipples on both bottles are pretty straight, so I was wonderin if these bottles support proper jaw development as their shape does not look like some orthodontic nipples on the market.
Keren Varas : Alguien que lo traduzca
Samantha Graves : Plastic still isnt safe. Over time chemicals leak and if you scrath the bottle bacteria builds up. Comotomp bottle is much safer tho
Moon M : Do the milk come out really fast like the tommee Tippee I hate that my baby drinks and if she drink fast she start to cough
Amarilis : I’ve been using Avent Anti colic bottles for my son and they were working fine but they leak a little sometimes (while he’s drinking) and the flow seems fast for newborns. Is the flow truly slow for the tommee tippee bottles?
Ichi Go : Woohoo...just got both of these for our 4th baby. We used avents in the past..but wanted to see what the new baby prefers. Good review


Happy Hump day yall! I hope everyone is surviving this week. Today's video is a review of the comotomo baby bottle. It has been the hardest thing to find the perfect bottle for my son. He is breastfed and is VERY picky about his bottles! Sound familiar?? Have I found the perfect bottle? Watch my video and find out what I think of the comotomo!


Comotomo Bottle:

Comotomo slow flow nipples:

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Cleaning Motivation!
Dejanay Lewis : Me with no children but curious Because I’m gonna be the momma ever oneday
Gentle Gentoo : Our babies fought against bottles when I had to go back to work! We found that using the store brand and Medela bottles were the only ones he would take in the end.
april dawson : Do you warm your milk in the comotomo? This will be my second baby. My first was exclusively breast fed and was NEVER away from baby because he wouldnt take a bottle probably because i tried too late. So just trying to figure out how im gonna do this this time really wanna try this bottle but curious how to warm milk or thaw frozen.
Sidney Rae : Are there measurements on the sides??
Sona Kd : How to clean this bottle
Roth S : For me it's not good to use.
Boundless Runner : 27€ in Europe :D Tried 5 brands now, so this is the 6th one. Will see. I hope the best from comtomo :D
Kathy Balatbat-Baylon : Are the nipples soft?
Ammie Renee : I put these bottles on my registry, very excited to try them this fall! I'm just past 12 weeks and feeling very excited. Finding out baby's gender just after my wedding!
Kaja Gersińska : I click on the video because it's says Comotomo bottle.. and first thing I hear is shit about your hair... I mean .. can you stick to subject?




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